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Your grandkids love to spend time with you. And they love to hear you tell them about your family history. But how much do you really know about it?

Your family history can tell you lots of things, including if you are at risk for a rare but serious health condition called hereditary amyloidosis.

Hereditary amyloidosis is rare but can lead to a number of health concerns, some of which can be very serious. It can, however, be managed with the right knowledge and treatments.

One of the biggest challenges of this condition is that although hATTR amyloidosis runs in families, many people who may be at risk are unaware of that fact.

Accurate genetic testing can help those at risk potentially learn more about their genetic health history, receive an accurate diagnosis, and get treatment, if needed.

My hATTR Amyloidosis Story:

Rare Disease Is Just a Bump in the Road for Wheeler

Fighting on the battlefields of the Korean War didn’t prepare Wheeler for a diagnosis of hereditary ATTR (hATTR) amyloidosis, a rare disease characterized by the buildup in the body of misfolded proteins called amyloid fibrils, and something he’d never heard of before being told he had it.

8 Great Activities for You and Your Grandchildren
That Build Lasting Memories (1) (1)


Bubble blowing is fun for everyone. Kids. Adults. Even pets. Keep a stock of bubbles and blowers on hand, so that you can whip them out whenever it looks like boredom is getting ready to strike. (1) (1)


Painting, drawing, making things, kids of all ages love to craft. Need some inspiration? You’ll find 1000’s of ideas on Pinterest! (1) (1)

Sidewalk Chalking

You and your grandkids can make use of colorful sidewalk chalk to create really BIG artistic masterpieces – and there’s no need for cleanup – the rain will do that in time!



Share your favorite family recipes with your grandchildren and help them learn how to cook them. It’s a wonderful way to keep a family’s favorite cuisines alive.

garden (1)garden (1)


Gardening is an activity that can keep you and your grandchildren entertained all year long. From planting and harvesting flowers, shrubs and even fruits and vegetables – you and your grandchildren will create beautiful memories together. (1) (1)

Tent & Forts

Indoors or out – ‘camping’ with the grandkids is tons of fun for everyone. Whether it’s a tent in the backyard or a blanket fort in the bedroom – it’s an easy way to have fun and tap into their imaginations.

dress (1)dress (1)

Dress Up

Girls AND boys love to play dress up. But you don’t need to spend lots of cash on fancy costumes though, thrift store treasures will do just fine. (1) (1)

Musical Fun

Whether it’s playing an instrument, dancing up a storm or just introducing them to the music you loved as a child, musical activities can be one of the best ways for grandparents and grandchildren of any age to bond.

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with your grandchildren.

One of the great pleasures in life for seniors is the chance to spend time with the youngest members of their family-their grandchildren (and maybe even great grandchildren).

While it doesn’t matter what you do to have fun together, some activities are both timeless and engaging, while also being very inexpensive, which is always a good thing!

From good old-fashioned Bubble-blowing to Arts & Crafts and Backyard Camping, check out some great ideas right on this website. You’re sure to find something you will all love!

While you enjoy spending those precious moments with them, there is one more thing you can share with them that is most important: your memories.

  • Take the time to share stories about your childhood and your parents’ childhood—what you did when you were a child, what games you played, what music you listened to, what films you watched.
  • Tell them about family traditions, favorite pastimes, even the special dishes that have been family favorites for years (we all have those). Doing so will interest and engage your grandchildren more than you can imagine while helping to keep your family history alive.

Tips to Staying Fit and Healthy in Your Golden Years

Eat Healthy

The digestive system slows down with age, so high-fiber fruits, vegetables and whole grains are as important as ever.

Get Some Sleep

Frequent waking and insomnia in the night are common among seniors. Turn the lights down in the evening to spur drowsiness and make sure the senior’s bedroom is comfortable, cool and quiet.

Ask your doctor if a genetic test is for you

Genetic testing looks at all your genes to check for any changes (mutations). The test is done with a sample of blood, saliva, or tissue.

Screen for vision changes

Seniors who wear glasses should have their prescription checked every year for changes and have their eyes screened for health issues. Having the right pair of glasses can reduce a senior’s chance of falling.

Stay physically active

Exercise not only alleviates depression but also improves energy and memory. An exercise program approved by a physician, long walks or short strolls can keep seniors healthier longer.

A Rare Condition That Needs to Be Discussed

Want to learn more about hATTR amyloidosis and genetic testing?
You’ll find a wealth of helpful information from Black Health Matters and our friends at Alnylam Pharmaceuticals.

About hATTR amyloidosis

Learn how the condition occurs, what symptoms may be experienced, and how the condition can affect your family.

Taking the Next Step

Read about strategies for talking to your family and your healthcare professionals about hATTR amyloidosis.

Videos & Resources

Hear from people living with hATTR amyloidosis and get helpful resources dedicated to hATTR amyloidosis and rare diseases.